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X-Stream Aeroponic Propagators

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Producing strong and healthy transplants is the key to successful growing. Poor clones will always lead to poor plants and a loss of production. An X-Stream Aeroponic Propagator provides unbeatable conditions for vigorous root development so clones are ready for transplanting faster than ever.

Cuttings are held in mesh pots suspended in the propagator where they are constantly sprayed with water and nutrient and have unrestricted access to to oxygen. As no medium is used, the X-Stream is the cleanest fastest possible propagation environment resulting in faster, stronger root growth. The X-Stream Lid retains heat and the large vents on the top of the lid make it easier to manage humidity.

Speed- Clones are ready for transplanting in between 10-14 days

Versatility– Clones started in the X-Stream can be transplanted into any medium in any system.

Success-The outstanding environmental conditions created in the X-Stream significantly increase the success rate of taking clones.

Yield-The highest yielding plants come from the best quality clones. Clones propagated in the X-Stream will have root systems that are unparallel to convention cloning methods.