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Veg & Bloom DIRTY BASE

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Veg & Bloom DIRTY BASE

DIRTY is formulated for soil and peat based growing mediums. Built-in alkalinity and Cation exchange enhancers make it easy to use with premixed media products like Promix, Sunshine and Light Warrior. USE Veg & Bloom DIRTY BASE for optimum results.

VEG + BLOOM DIRTY acts as a carbon balanced, nitrate infused based nutrient that helps with all phases of plant growth. Dirty is formulated specifically for soil and peat-based growing mediums and is rich in amino acids and refined organic materials. The product features built-in alkalinity and cation exchange enhancers meaning that it’s easy to use with premixed media products such as Promix and Light Warrior.

For optimum results, use with SHINE


Using Powders can simplify your work. Avoid complicated feeding schedules. Simply mix a few scoops of VEG + BLOOM powder into your water and feed.


Unlike liquid nutrients, VEG+BLOOM hybrid powders combine many ingredients into one bottle. Effective cost-cutting results.


Mixed by chemists to ensure no negative chemical reactions, VEG+BLOOM contains the essential elements and additives your plants need.