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Systemair Revolution Vector EC Fan

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The Systemair Revolution Vector EC Fan is one of the latest range of fans by Systemair. These fans have had many years of research and development to produce some excellent looking and even more important working fans. 

They are made from one single mould so there are no joints where there could be any air leakages and have aerodynamic fins inside to give optimum performance with very little turbulence.

The Vector EC (electrical commutated) bringing AC and DC together to give you optimal control and performance. This fan will give you lower power consumption compared to AC fans.

To get the best results from your EC Vector fan you need to run a GAS digital controller that are specifically designed for these fans. This controller comes with a 5mt cable. If you wish to connect additional fans you can purchase the Y splitter and additional cable if needed. 


  • EC energy saving fan technology
  • Close to zero noise or vibrations at lower speeds
  • Minimal airflow loss when under pressure
  • One piece air tight housing
  • Maintenance free and reliable quality

EC fans are intelligent devices so ensure the motor always runs at optimal load. With EC motors the proportion of energy used effectively is higher, which as a result reduces the energy usage considerably. As well as this, EC fans not operating at full load also achieve lower energy usage than a AC motor of an equivalent output. This energy efficiency results in a drop in operating costs.