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Systemair Revolution Stratos

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The Revolution Stratos series has been in development for many years and is seen as the long-awaited successor to the range. These fans are built with the same rugged and robust build quality that made so special in the first place, but they also offer a long list of improvements that will make your extraction system quieter, more efficient and more effective than ever.

It could not be made easier for you to begin using these fans. They come completely wired up as new in the box, so unlike other brands you don’t need to spend time finding a plug and wiring it up yourself. Simply pull the fan from out of the box, remove the bubble wrap and connect it up to your extraction system.

There are a few things about these extraction fans for your grow room that make them so good. Of course, having been made by Systemair, that straight away sets the bar very high. Systemair are responsible for the RVK series of fans, the previous industry standard to removing stale grow room air.


  • Whisper quiet air movement!
  • More directional airflow – less turbulence.
  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty!
  • Minimal pressure drop when attaching filters
  • Excellent brand reputation.
  • Insulated with high grade acoustic foam.
  • Extremely high build quality.