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Rox - Flower Enhancer

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Rox Flower Enhancer

Rox is an extremely powerful flowering stimulator, formulated to trigger growth and weight gain during the bloom cycle, substantially increasing yields and overall strength and vigour.

  • Extremely potent flowering booster
  • Stimulates huge weight gain for fruiting plants
  • Easy to use – simply add 3-5ml per litre to your regular feed regimen
  • Contains plant growth regulators (PGRs) for increased vitality
  • Used for a short time-frame – 1 bottle goes a long way!


1 x 1 litre bottle of Rox Flower Enhancer

How Rox Flower Enhancer Works:

Rox Flower Enhancer contains a long list of ingredients designed to get the very best out of plants during the flowering cycle. Used around the fourth and fifth weeks, Rox has been formulated to assist plants as they really begin to accumulate mass. An intensively researched blend of humates, seaweed extract, triacontanol and plant growth regulators (PGRs) stimulate growth and development at this crucial stage, improving overall health and well-being and leading to dramatic increases in production.

How to use Rox Flower Enhancer:

Always shake the bottle well before adding Rox to your nutrient solution. Rox should be used during the 4th and 5th weeks of the flowering cycle for plants with an 8-9 week finishing time. Rox's feeding directions would seem to be based around an 8 week flowering cycle, so it may be necessary to adjust the timing for plants that require longer flowering periods to achieve maturity. Rox Flower Enhancer is an additive, and is to be used alongside your regular feeding regimen. Mix up any base nutrient as usual and add Rox at a rate of 3ml per litre of water for a re-circulating system, 5ml per litre for soil growing and 5ml per litre in run to waste systems. Never mix nutrients together in a concentrated form, always add nutrients and additives separately, mixing thoroughly into the water of your nutrient tank to avoid unnecessary reactions between different products.