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Plant Success - Jellyfish Mycorrhizae

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Protect Your Plants from Transplant Shock

Jellyfish has been formulated for use when transplanting rooted cuttings and seedlings into new containers, creating a coating around roots that protects them during one of their most difficult phases. It also provides a well thought out source of nutrition that will ease plants into their new home, containing seaweed, humic acids and vitamin B1.

By far it's most important job, however, is populating the root-zone with a host of beneficial fungi and bacteria that will work with your plants, protecting them from pathogens and delivering the very best results through an increase in the availability and uptake of nutrients. Start as you mean to go on!


  • Great for transplanting to any growing medium
  • Provides a source of nutrition
  • Forms a protective coating over roots
  • Helps to maximise the establishment of colonies of beneficial microbes
  • Contains nitrogen fixing and beneficial bacteria
  • Provides a light source of nutrition
  • Drastically reduces transplant shock
  • Helps to accelerate turnaround times for a more efficient garden


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How to use Jellyfish:

Add 1 tsp (4.92ml) of Jellyfish to 448ml (16 fluid ounces) of water. You should allow the water to sit overnight to help any chlorine dissipate, lowering the chances of killing off the beneficials prematurely. Stir the solution for at least 30 seconds and allow it to stand for 10 minutes, stirring it every now and again to maintain an even mix. You can then take your rooted cuttings and dip each one into the resulting jelly-like solution before transplanting them into their new containers.