Hydrotops - Triple F - Urban Grower Hydroponics
Hydrotops - Triple F - Urban Grower Hydroponics

Hydrotops - Triple F

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Key Features - Triple F

HydroTops Triple F is made for Fully Formed Flowers, it is the 100% natural option for super buds. Supplied as a two-part bio-stimulant complex, one part is a blend of micro organisms in dried suspension, and the second part is a liquid catalyst suspension, which acts as an initial food source for the micro organisms and as a complex agent for the symbiotic relationship developed between the micro organisms and the plant root systems.

Using Triple F not only increases final yield it also increases significantly the density of your floral clusters. Triple F is designed to work in harmony with all HydroTops nutrients products, but especially as additional bio-stimulation to Bactivator. Bactivator is the foundation on which Triple F builds an outstanding harvest.


  • Increases yields and nutrient uptake by up to 50%
  • No plant growth regulators involved, totally safe to use
  • Combine with Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop for further flower formation and increased sugar content 
  • Creates a symbiosis between your plants roots and micro-organisms from Triple F

    Hydrotops Triple F 125ml - treats 250 litres
    Hydrotops Triple F 250ml - treats 500 litres
    Hydrotops Triple F 500ml - treats 1000 litres