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House & Garden Aqua Flakes A&B

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  • House & Garden Aqua Flakes is a premium base nutrient, designed by the Dutch for use in all recirculating type hydroponic systems (e.g. nft, flood and drain). Containing all the main nutrients a plant needs in this type of system you can be assured this is a top quality product designed by people who do it best!

  • Specifically designed base nutrient for recirculating type hydroponic systems
  • Designed and developed by a top Dutch manufacturer – House & Garden
  • Highly versatile – Use for both the growth and bloom cycles of plant’s development
  • Perfect for use with the range of House & Garden additives and boosters
  • Easy to use – no separate grow and bloom formulations – use right the way through your grow
  • House & Garden nutrients are highly recommended by many delighted customers

House & Garden Aqua Flakes Part A NPK: 3-0-2

House & Garden Aqua Flakes Part B NPK: 1-3-5

House & Garden recommended E.C.: 1.2 - 2.0

House & Garden recommended pH range is 5.5 - 6.2 with a pH of 5.8 being optimal