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Halo Powder - 100 Gram Tub

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Halo powder is an almost unique product, used as a foliar spray, which contains a special protein called Harpin. The unique Harpin protein initiates a series of physiological and biochemical reactions that stimulate a big increase in plant growth and stress-defence. Photosynthesis is increased, fruit sets and flowers appear sooner, fruit sets are increased and there is a shorter time to harvest.

As if that wasn’t enough, Halo helps your plant defend itself against botyritis (bud-rot) and other diseases, and also contains a range of chelated micro-nutrients (Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc and Copper) to help keep deficiencies at bay during the growth spurt.

Halo Powder can be used on any plant in the vegetative or fruiting/flowering stage. An application of Halo lasts for around 10-14 days. Apply Halo 2-4 times through the life cycle of your plants. The best times to use it are at the beginning of key growth stages – late veg, flower induction (beginning of budding), flower enlargement and 1 week before harvest.


  • Contains Harpin protein
  • Used as a foliar spray
  • Increases photosynthesis, plant health and growth rate
  • Stimulates plants own disease resistance
  • Produces significantly bigger yields
  • Also contains chelated, slow-release micro-nutrients