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Growth Technology - Orchid Focus Grow

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Growth Technology - Orchid Focus Grow 

Growth Technology Orchid Focus feeding programme is recommended by the Eric Young Orchid Foundation, the leading UK authority in orchid hybridisation. Orchid Focus is available in Grow and Bloom formulations, as plants have different nutritional requirements according to their growth stage.

Ideally use clean rainwater or tap water - just add Orchid Focus at the recommended dose of 5ml in 2 litres and mix it well. The provision of the correct formulation at the onset of flowering will ensure that the plant has access to the minerals needed to maximise and prolong the flower display.

Growth Technology’s Orchid Focus Grow is a speciality nutrient designed specifically for Orchid plants when they are in bloom! Orchid Focus Bloom contains mineral foods and rich organic acids developed to encourage vigorous flowering. Suitable for most species and hybrids. What a great idea!

  • Made with mineral salts and rich organic acids
  • Very easy to use 1-part nutrient
  • Contains high levels of humic and fulvic acids for increased grow-medium fertility
  • Get the most from your Orchid plants!
  • Precisely balanced and manufactured for optimal flowering

Recommended dosage – up to 2.5ml/litre

NPK: 2.2 – 1.2 – 2.1