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Gavita Pro 270e 02 LEP (Plasma) - Veg Light

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The new 270e LEP is the latest cutting edge, full-spectrum plasma lighting product from Gavita. The 270e 02 model is designed to run as a standalone vegetative growth light, with an output that is rich in all areas of the light spectrum. If you plan on using this unit mainly as supplementary lighting, we recommend opting for the 270e 01 model.

The reflector has been specifically designed to give an impressively wide and even light coverage and is made of highly reflective Miro Aluminium. In this version, the ballast is not contained in an air-cooling tube but in a finned case for heat dissipation. The lamp itself produces virtually no heat so the possibility of your plants suffering from heat damage is almost completely eradicated. 

The 270e is also fully compatible with the Gavita EL1 and EL2, forming part of a complete, programmable lighting solution.


  • Revolutionary garden lighting technology
  • Perfectly suited to vegging your plants
  • Covers the same area as a 600 Watt Metal Halide lamp
  • Costs half as much to run as a 600 Watt Metal Halide lamp
  • Light Emitting Plasma lamp produces a very wide light spectrum which is close to that of the sun
  • STA 41.02 emitter, designed to produce a complete spectrum for great veg growth!
  • Shortens veg times, increasing plant turnover
  • Makes a great supplementary light during the flowering stages
  • Increased efficiency over standard model- runs at 270w, not 300w
  • Lasts up to 30,000 hours
  • Also produces some UVA and UVB which stimulates more essential oil production