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Dutch Pro - Auto Flowering Bloom - Hydro/Coco A&B - Soft Water

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Dutch Pro - Auto Flowering Bloom - Hydro/Coco A&B - Soft Water

Dutch Pro  Hydro/Coco A&B - Soft Water are fast becoming one of the most popular nutrients on the market today. This is because growers the world over are finally finding out the secret of professional Dutch growers for themselves. After 30 years of producing some of the finest plant nutrients, Dutch Pro are at last getting the recognition they deserve in countries other than just Holland. 

Dutch Pro Auto Flowering Bloom Hydro/Coco A&B for Soft Water is a 2-part nutrient for use with all Auto Flowering plants grown in a hydroponic set-up or Coco while they are in the flowering/fruiting cycle in soft water areas. 

Dutch Pro Auto Flowering Bloom Hydro/Coco A&B is a 2-part nutrient especially for use in the flowering/fruiting cycle. The Soft Water version has been optimised for use in soft water areas. Dutch Pro Auto Flowering Bloom Hydro/Coco is formulated to work perfectly with Auto Flowering plants grown in hydroponic set-ups or Coco. Auto Flowering plants have different nutritional requirements because they often get long light-cycles during the flowering period. 

Fill your Coco feed water container or hydroponics reservoir with water and add equal amounts of Dutch Pro Auto Flowering Bloom for Hydro/Coco Part A and Dutch Pro Auto Flowering Bloom for Hydro/Coco Part B to the container to achieve the required strength and mix well. Dutch Pro recommend a dosage of 2.5 to 3.5 ml/Litre of both part A and part B. 


  • Auto Flowering Bloom - formulated for use in the flowering/fruiting phase
  • Designed to optimise the bloom/fruiting cycle of Auto Flowering plants
  • Formulated to work brilliantly with plants grown in hydroponic set-ups or Coco
  • Especially developed for soft water areas