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Duct Tape Cloth - 50m

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Duct Tape Cloth 50m

Whether it's fixing joins in floor sheeting or emergency repairs to your ducting, our grey cloth duct tape is perfect for the job! The cloth backing gives it extra strength while the strong adhesive means it will stick to just about anything, yet remains surprisingly easy to use!

How the Duct Tape Grey Cloth 50m Works:

Duct tape gives the grower another way of  joining items together or doing a multitude of emergency repairs. The continuous 50m roll is strong and the adhesive on one side will stick to just about anything. 

How to use Duct Tape Grey Cloth 50m

Our 50m long roll of cloth-backed grey duct tape which has a multitude of uses in the grow-room and around the home. Use our duct tape to connect lengths of floor-secure sheeting together, do temporary repairs to damaged ducting or to just stick anything to just about anything!


  • Duct tape - sticky, easy-to-use and strong!
  • For joins to floor sheeting, repairs to ducting and dozens of other uses
  • Cloth backed for strength
  • 50m long roll
  • 48mm width