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Crop Guard - DustOff PM 250ml

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A, crop, guard - laminaid th, if, you notice the leaves on your plant becoming discolored and silvery or, see marks like scratches, crop guard laminaid th may be able to clear, it up! crop guard laminaid th gets rid of the problem in one quick, easy treatment.

Great for times when your normal preventative measures, have failed! crop, guard dust-off pm stops leaves becoming discolored & silvery, helps, prevent crop damage due, to certain conditions. Fast, acting and effective, concentrated, " use diluted as a foliar spray, call, us for more information about this product,

Crop Guard Dust-Off PM gets rid of white powdery spots on your plant’s leaves and stems in one easy treatment. Crop Guard DustOff PM is used diluted as a foliar spray. When powdery leaves and stems are noticed it is important to try to reduce humidity as well as using this product.