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CarboAir 60 Carbon Filter

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CarboAir 60s are ideal matches for fans with greater airflow ratings. Many plant strains can produce smells that are incredibly difficult to control - CarboAir 60s were engineered to provide an extra level of protection and deliver complete peace of mind to the grower. Perfect for medium sized grow spaces.

Carbon filters must be matched to the fan that they are being used with in terms of the diameter of the venting and the air flow rate. If the air-flow rate of the fan is too high for the filter then the air will flow through it too quickly to be cleaned properly. Before use, the plastic wrap should be removed from around the outside of the drum CarboAir have already pre-fitted your pre-filter.

Your CarboAir Filter needs to mounted inside or as close as possible to your grow-space and connected to your extractor fan by means of ducting and Duct Clips or by a fast clamp which joins the filter and the fan directly together. However they’re fitted together, it’s essential that all joins are airtight for the fan and filter system to work effectively. 


6" 150mm/660mm CarboAir - 1350 m3/hr
8" 200mm/660mm CarboAir - 1700 m3/hr
8" 200mm/1000mm CarboAir - 2250 m3/hr
10" 250mm/660mm CarboAir - 2000 m3/hr
10" 250mm/1000mm CarboAir - 3100 m3/hr
12" 315mm/660mm CarboAir - 2450 m3/hr
12" 315mm/1000mm CarboAir - 3600 m3/hr
12" 315mm/1200mm CarboAir - 4250 m3/hr