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CarboAir 100 Carbon Filter

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The 100mm Carbo Air Filters are the ultimate level of filtration, designed to tackle huge volumes of air and high levels of odour, and essentially double filter your air before it leaves your grow space. If you want to rest easy that no smells will exit, this is the absolute pinnacle of extraction filter technology.

They are built to the exacting standards of Systemair - makers of the ever dependable RVK fans and industry leading Revolution fans. CarboAir utilises coarser, incredibly high quality carbon in thicker beds, no other competing carbon filter give you the option of such a great contact time whist still giving your fan optimum airflow.

Airflow rates are a very important part of your grow room set-up and warrant serious consideration. If too much 'drag' is caused by the filter, your extraction system won't work to its full potential: you'll move less air through the grow space, temps will rise and CO2 levels won't be replenished adequately, slowing down the process of photosynthesis and limiting plant growth. Maintaining a solid environment is easily the quickest route to successful growing.


  • Kills grow room smells stone dead without stifling your fans power
  • Hand built to an incredibly high standard - quality approved by Systemair
  • Pairs perfectly with Revolution fans
  • Machine washable pre-filter sleeve included and pre-fitted
  • Maintain high performance levels at the rated airflows for at least 18 months

CarboAir 100 Carbon Filter

8" 200mm/660mm CarboAir - 2550 m3/hr
10" 250mm/660mm CarboAir - 3800 m3/hr
10" 250mm/1000mm CarboAir - 5800 m3/hr
12" 315mm/660mm CarboAir - 4250 m3/hr
12" 315mm/1000mm CarboAir - 6900 m3/hr