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In response to popular demand, CANNA has produced a CALMAG AGENT. You can use this product to raise the Calcium and Magnesium content of your soft water, which will increase the EC of it. It will improve your water to make sure your plant can grow strong and healthy.

Advantages of the CALMAG AGENT:

  • Fewer deficiencies
  • Increase in nutrient uptake
  • Stronger plants
  • Stimulates better quality flowers
  • Highly concentrated
  • Increases the EC of your water
  • Less nutrients required

How can you test the difference between hard water and bad water?

The best way to find out is to:

  1. ask your water supplier
  2. have your water analysed (done by an official laboratory)

You can also test the water yourself using an EC meter and 2 small tests based on colour indication. First, measure the EC to be sure it is not SOFT or NORMAL water:

  • EC 0.0-0.3: the water is SOFT
  • EC 0.4-0.7: the water is Normal

If the EC >0.8, continue with the TEST (to determine which elements contribute to the EC measured).

  • A testing kit can be bought in an aquatic shop.
  • Buy the kH and the gH bottles.
  • If the gH (Gesamthärte = general hardness) < 8 (drops), the water is BAD, e.g. the EC consists mainly of sodium, chloride etc. not calcium and/or magnesium.

If the gH is > 8 continue with the TEST.

  • kH (Carbonat-Härte = carbonate hardness) < 8, the water is also BAD, e.g. the water is not sufficiently pH buffered.
  • kH > 8, the water is HARD