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Bluelab pH Probe Cleaning and Calibration Kit

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Everything you need to clean, hydrate and calibrate pH probes. Probe cleaning, hydrating and correctly storing pH probes ensures you get the most accurate readings possible and will maximize the life of the pH probe. pH instruments require calibration once a month and should be cleaned prior to calibration. The handy pH Probe Care Kit has everything you need to maintain your Bluelab pH Meters, Monitors or Pens.

A handy pack with everything you need to get going and keep growing. The Bluelab Grower's Toolbox combines the essential tools you need to easily manage your crop by measuring the pH, conductivity (ppm) and temperature of the nutrient solution. Learn the basics with the Bluelab Grow Book, so you can get going and keep growing with the ultimate handy team, the Bluelab pH Pen and Bluelab ppm Pen. 


  • Everything required to clean your pH meter
  • Preserves the accuracy of your equipment
  • Great for both probes and pens
  • Comes with cleaning liquid and brush for probe maintenance
  • Also comes with calibration and storage liquid
  • Very easy to use, with clear instructions

The Bluelab pH Probe Cleaning Kit Contains:

1 x cleaning brush, 1 x 30ml tube of cleaning liquid, 3 x plastic beakers, 2 x buffer 7.0 solution sachets, 2 x buffer 4.0 solution sachets, 2 x sachets of KCI storage solution