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Bluelab Peripod (M3)

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Bluelab Peripod (M3)

  • Bluelab -  a world leader in the field of plant nutrient control
  • Auto-doses nutrients and makes pH adjustments
  • Perfect for connoisseurs and commercial growers
  • Deals with one part or two part nutrients (A&B)
  • Used in conjunction with the Bluelab Pro Controller Connect (sold separately)
  • Can be managed through any internet connected device (requires extra equipment)
  • Provides consistent, highly accurate readings
  • Delivers peace of mind - keeps nutrient and pH levels stable
  • Allows you to leave your growroom for longer periods of time
  • 2 year manufacturer's guarantee!

Bluelab Peripod Contains:

  • 1 x Bluelab Peripod M3 and ‘Getting Started’ guide
  • 1 x dosing cable
  • 4 metres of pH tubing
  • 2 x 4 metres of nutrient tubing
  • 1 x inlet tube cap - fits onto Bluelab pH up and pH down bottles (500ml and 1 litre)
  • Mounting screws
  • 24V DC 2amp power supply with European, U.K, North America and New Zealand/Australia plug adapters.