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BioBizz - Bio-Grow

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BioBizz Bio-Grow

Bio-Grow is a liquid plant food that promotes lush growth and is suitable for most soil mixtures. It is a fertilizer and soil activator that can be used with drip irrigation systems.

BioBizz Grow nutrient Is a liquid organic fertiliser that can be used in all types of soil mixtures during the vegetative stage. It smells very sweet owing to its content of natural sugars, which also provide an ideal interrelationship with the bacteria in the soil mixture.

Enriched with 70 trace elements and vitamins B1, B2, C and E, Bio-Grow is a complete fertiliser. Bio-Grow can also be used in the very later stages of flowering as a plant tonic.


  • BioBizz Bio-Grow is one of the original liquid organic plant foods and is still one of the best.
  • Packed with goodness to grow beautiful plants the natural way.
  • BioBizz Bio-Grow recommended dosage – 2-4ml/Litre.
  • BioBizz Bio-Grow - NPK 4.0-3.0-6.0