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Advanced Nutrients - Piranha Liquid

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Advanced Nutrients - Piranha Liquid

  • Contains Mycorrhizal and Trichoderma fungi which work hand-in-hand with the roots of your plants
  • Creates a web of root-enhancing fungal mycelium
  • Strengthens plant's immunity to root-disease
  • Significantly increases root-branching and root-mass leading to bigger yields
  • Perfect for use with the range of Advanced Nutrients additives and boosters


Glomus Aggregatum 78 propagules/ml
Glomus Intraradices 78 propagules/ml
Glomus Mosseae 78 propagules/ml
Pseudomonas Chlororaphis 25,000 cfu/ml
Pseudomonas Putida 100,000 cfu/ml
Rhizopogon Amylopogon 116 propagules/ml
Rhizopogon Fulvigleba 127 propagules/ml
Rhizopogon Villosulus 118 propagules/ml
Trichoderma Harzianum 50,000,000 cfu/ml
Trichoderma Kongii 2,500,000 cfu/ml
Trichoderma Viride 3,000,000 cfu/ml

Piranha significantly increases the effective area of your plant's roots. A better root-system means bigger yields! Piranha is fully compatible with Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow and Bloom/Connoisseur and will not affect their “pH perfect" technology.

Advanced Nutrients - Piranha dosage: 2ml / litre