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Advanced Nutrients - Bud Ignitor

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Advanced Nutrients – Bud Ignitor

Your plants absolutely will maximize flowerings site-sper stem when you provide specialized nutrition to your plants during early bloom phase so your plants ramp up Internal production of metabolic triggers that result maximizing your budding sites. The result is that instead of only the typical 30-55% of your stem nodes becoming hosts for flowering sites within two weeks of flowering, 70-100% of your nodes show floral initiation.

Let out you maximize the amount of flower-sper plant. & as bloom season moves forward, you notice your stems are crammed full of dense floral growth that buries your stems in thick, gooey floral clusters so you have continuous floral structures that run virtually the entire up & down length of your stems.


  • Used after switching to 12/12
  • Great for use in any medium
  • Maximises flowering sites for each stem
  • Helps to maximise yields
  • Delivers essential macro nutrients

Bud Ignitor NPK: 0-1-2

Available phosphate (P2O5): 1%

Soluble potash (K20): 2%