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Advanced Nutrients - Bud Factor X

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Advanced Nutrients - Bud Factor X 1

Bud factor-x contains bio-active ingredients that enhance inherent qualities in plants, coaxing maximum production of terpenoids, resins & essential oils. The components in bud factor x were also engineered to maximize yields, not only crop quality.

The balanced combination of highly bio-active ingredients maximize resin contents in crops as well as enabling crops to continue at maximize photosynthetic rates when plants normally are forced to "shut-down".

The reduced forms of nitrogen & b-vitamins in the formulation will also further root development, especially when using bud factor x in conjunction with Piranha, Voodoo juice & Tarantula. 


  • Designed by a team of top scientists dedicated to making products of excellence
  • Manufactured to the highest possible standards
  • A highly potent immune response stimulator
  • Dramatically boosts yield, potency and overall plant health
  • Effective in any medium - hydro, coco, soil and aeroponics
  • Triggers a ‘fight or flight’ response in plants
  • Perfect for use with the range of Advanced Nutrients additives and boosters
  • Can be applied as a foliar spray
  • Strengthens plants against stress, pests and diseases
  • Also works as a highly effective root treatment

Dosage: 2ml/litre