Is Vertical Farming The Future?

It is a good time to remember the popular theory of Malthusian’s which states that “population will increase geometrically and food production will increase arithmetically.” 

Population today according to statistics, as at the mid of 2017 was about 7.6billion meanwhile the ever growing population is increasing according to statistics by 1.10 percent per year- this is interesting right? Well, we should remember that God also asked humans to grow and multiply.

No one has a problem with the growing population, the question is simple, are the lands enough to accommodate the ever-growing population density? Or probably the world powers are already deliberating on the future of human habitat: Mars or Sky.

Land as a resource is limited and are being used for different activities especially in this 21st century. Farming is one of this activities and it takes about one third of the land available.

The ever increasing population needs land for all other things excluding farming-due to the increasing population there are needs for more houses, roads, industries, waste landfills, recycling companies to mention a few, all these human needs will not be positioned in the sky, they will be on the land.

More so, as the population is growing there are need for more fresh supplies from the farms but what do we have? The one third of the land available for farming activities still faces environmental hazards and degradation as a result of climate change and the so called increasing human activities also posing challenge on food production.

Furthermore, over the years there has been real inverse relationship between food production and increasing population, what is the way? Shall we start population reduction policy? Shall we start to bring down the awesome engineering and high rise buildings down?

Although population growth is also a global celebrity topic like climate change, but some nations of the world are keener into the matter than the way others are taking especially the third world countries in which their population has a major impact in world population growth, yet food shortage is not what they took paramount.

It will interest one to know that only 20% of the land in Japan is used for cultivation and the remaining 80% is certainly filled up by homes, roads, landfills to mention a few.

As at 2017, Japan’s population was 126.8 million. Imagine how hardworking the farmers must have been to be able to use 20% arable land to feed these huge population, I personally believe it must have been very arduous, well with Agri-mechanisation, farm is made easier now.

The world is a place where innovations are flying around every day, despite technology advancement being the main focus of the 21st century, the problem it poses on the environment still raises eyebrow, but then, it always finds a way to solve it problem.

One of the problems science and technology has solved in the field of food production and agriculture entirely is the conceptualisation of Hydroponics.

Hydroponics is gaining attention every day and so far it has proven to be a research that will solve the problem of food production.

The aim of this blog is to discuss the concept of vertical farming which mainly uses the concept of hydroponics called aeroponics to farm.

Vertical farming, an aeroponic farming system is also gaining spot light at every facet of the world, USA, China, Singapore, Japan to mention a few- Japan as a country is investing more in vertical farming and over the years now report has gathered testimonies of how these methods of farming has helped in producing more food for the country.

Vertical farming is not a complex system of farming, an abandoned warehouse will do the job but since it uses the hydroponic concept it needs the condition of growing crops hydroponically.

Japan as a nation has private investors in vertical farming production system and Spread (a vertical farming company) is the largest so far in Japan. Spread is putting effort together to double its four varieties of lettuce output through vertical.

Vertical farming has a major advantage over the existing farming practice in that it does not need the use of land and requires less amount of water for cultivation. The effort must be garnered to ensure that food production through vertical farming is well encouraged.

Now vertical farming has cleared the thought of how do we feed our plant with these population increase? Vertical farming is now been used in overpopulated cities to feed their nations.

Although, science and research development in agricultural fields is still looking for better means of food production.





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  • Yes! I believed the future of food production is secured.


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